Episode 13

Published on:

17th Aug 2020

Episode 13: On Your Knees

In this episode:

'On your knees'

'Surrender Reminds Me of Glowsticks' a poem

'My nostril's flare'


Craving was written for a former partner with whom I was in a long distance relationship.

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Dr Lori Beth Bisbey's Erotic Library
Enjoy listening to my erotica and erotica from my favourite authors - read by them.
On this podcast, I am inviting you into my personal library to experience my favourite erotica. All of the volumes that I will read from are on my shelves. Each week, I will treat you to a piece of erotica – either my own or from one of my favourite authors. Some weeks, I will be joined by these amazing authors themselves and you will have the chance to hear them read their own work. This podcast is being supported by my Patreon page. https://patreon.com/loribethbisbey For people who subscribe, you will have access to special interviews with authors and readings and also to special events. So grab yourself your drink of choice, get comfortable and enjoy a peek into my erotic world.
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Dr Lori Beth Bisbey® is a psychologist, sex & intimacy coach, speaker, author & podcast host who has been working with people for 30+ years to help them create and maintain meaningful relationships with sizzling sex (without the shame). She has expertise in the treatment of trauma and GSRD (gender, sex, relationship diversity). The A to Z of Sex® (her main podcast) has been running since October 2016. Since end January 2019, it has been featured on the Health & Wellness channel, Voiceamerica.com.