Episode 11

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3rd Aug 2020

Episode 11: Ralph Greco Jr

On this episode, I interview the incredible Ralph Greco, Jr. R.Greco, Jr. is an ASCAP licensed songwriter, professional playwright, the senior east coast correspondent/reviewer/interviewer for vintagerock.com, press liaison for The Erotic Heritage Museum, editor-in-chief for “The Sex Files," weekly column at shortandsweetnyc.com, columnist for Sexpert.com, blogger for latex designer Dawnamatrix Designs, co-host of the naughty “Licking Non-Vanilla” podcast with M. Christian, and a professional copywriter for adult as well as mainstream clients around the world.

Ralph’s short fiction (erotic and ‘straight’) poetry and essays have been published in eight countries, in major market magazines and small press, in various anthologies and single-author short story collections.

Ralph’s one-acts plays have as much been published in a complete collection as they have been produced across the U.S. His self-penned/self-produced “Salacious Songs and Dirty Words,” theatre show has been performed off Broadway in New York City (so ‘off’ the theaters were almost in NJ!)

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